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"If you're considering having a custom website built, or updating your current one, then you need to contact DRAFT. I was lucky enough to have met these guys when I was searching for a web development company that could take my website to the next level. My company, Fast Freddie's Rod Shop, here in Eau Claire, WI relies heavily on a visual impact through the site. I needed a way to easily show the process in building a custom hot rod so people could get a good idea of what's involved before they even pick up the phone. It was also important for me to have a national and international audience.

DRAFT recognized my vision of what I wanted and ended up creating a plan for the website that far exceeded my expectations. They not only hit every goal on my list of requirements, but they added their own touch by creating an updated custom logo for the shop, along with a bunch of other trick features. They designed the site with logic and function, and built it so that I can edit it on my own time. This was the most critical aspect for me. Every week, I sometimes upload hundreds of images to my website, add new projects, and make changes and tweaks as needed. Having this flexibility has been invaluable to me. I didn't want to have to make a call or send an e-mail anytime I needed something changed or added to the site. The fact that they were able to"dumb down" the admin panel of the website so that I was able to dynamically change my website anytime I wanted, is a huge attribute for me and it's a great accomplishment for this talented team.

Just like in my business where I sit down and listen to my clients to create an approach to ensure their vehicle turns out exactly how they want it, DRAFT did that same thing and the results speak for themselves. They really pushed the envelope by adding dynamically changing video to the homepage background, and ease of use for navigation."

- Fred Kappus, Fast Freddie's Rod Shop
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